What is Carry On?

We are a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization with the mission to “support youth in their mental health by utilizing action sports and outdoor recreation to teach resilience skills and to foster the development of confidence, competence, connection, and character.”

What kind of safety equipment do I need?

We require participants in our skate lessons and camps to wear helmets. We also recommend that participants also wear knee pads because sliding on knee pads is one of the techniques we teach for falling safely. We have a limited supply of helmets and pads available for participants to borrow. Fit is a crucial factor in the effectiveness of safety gear. Loose fitting equipment that does not stay securely in place doesn’t protect very well. At our park we proudly use Destroyer Equipment and recommend the G Series Grom and Youth Pad

What can I expect for the Carry On summer camp experience?

The summer camp experience is held over four consecutive days at our indoor facility located at 244 W. 100 S, Provo, UT 84601. Participants will engage in our unique program that integrates technical skateboard instruction with mental skills training to promot resilience, mental wellness and high performance. Camps also include skate-related activities and games such as skateboard bowling, skate limbo and tarp surfing. Students will enjoy arts & crafts such as button making, griptape design and tie-dye take home shirts. (activities subject to change week-to-week)

What is the difference between a skateboard class and a camp?

Both formats deliver our unique blend of skateboard and mental resilience training. Camps are typically four consecutive days of condensed training during a specific week whereas classes are once a week and run over the course of an 8-week season. Camps are a great introduction to our program and provide a quick jumpstart into the skateboarding world. Classes are perfect for In the summer, our day camps are longer (3-4 hours) and include games, activities, and arts and crafts.

Are Carry On programs only for those with a specific mental health condition?

Carry On is designed for all youth who want to learn how to skateboard and develop resilience. Just like physical health is important for anyone with a body, mental health is important for anyone with a brain! Our program is designed to help youth become aware of the importance of their mental health early in life. We teach basic principles like mindfulness, purpose, and focus to help participants understand the connection between their mind, their wellbeing, and their performance. Participants of our program not only develop confidence and competence in the sport of skateboarding, but are more aware of their thought patterns, more inclined to view challenges as opportunities, and more willing to persevere through adversity to accomplish their goals

Do I need to buy equipment prior to starting skateboarding lessons/camps?

No, we have equipment available for you to borrow. Let us know prior to starting lessons if you plan to borrow gear.

What skill level is my child?

We break our participants into three broad categories based on their skill level (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced). See our level breakdown to see what best fits your child’s current skill level.

Beginner: Typically age 5-9. Little to no experience, still need help to balance, maneuver, and control speed, especially on ramps.

Key transition: dropping in, pumping, rock-to-fakie


Intermediate: Typically age 9-12. Can ride and maneuver comfortably on their own while generating and maintaining moderate speed. Learning basic “gateway” skills that will open up new trick possibilities.

Key transition: ollie up curb, axle stall


Advanced: Can ride fast and aggressively over a variety of terrain. Building on a foundation of basic skills and developing a small repertoire of tricks in varied domains (flatground, ledges/rails, lip tricks, bowl riding)