$135 USD / 4 lessons


  • Ages 4-6
  • 60 minute lessons
  • Mental skills training
  • Games, Snacks
  • Groups Limited to 5 participants. Use Registration form to view current availability.
  • Discount available for registering multiple participants (immediate family only)


Specifically designed for younger participants, these 60-minute classes consist of shorter rotation periods, skate-related activities, and games that help participants become familiar with the skatepark and basics of skateboarding and mental resilience in a way that is both fun and accessible.  

What is my skill level?

Class Level Qualifications



  • Little or no prior experience
  • Working on fundamentals of pushing, riding, turning, balance, and coordination



  • Some experience pushing and riding a skateboard
  • Needs help maintaining momentum and balancing as they practice riding up and down ramps and “dropping in.”
  • Can pivot on the back wheels (kick turn/tic tac) and balance on the tail (tailstall) while stationary.



  • Comfortable riding and maneuvering on flat ground and up and down small to medium banks on their own.
  • Lift the front of their board to pivot 180 degrees in either direction
  • Balance on the back wheels while riding (manual)
  • Ride off small ledges on their own.
  • “Drop in” to a small half pipe or quarter pipe (2’-3’)
  • Maintain speed in a halfpipe by “pumping.”
  • Perform a basic ollie while stationary



  • Proficient in riding, maneuvering, and maintaining speed over a variety of terrain.
  • Working on tricks and maneuvers (axle stalls, slash grinds, rock n’ rolls) at coping level (metal lip on halfpipe).
  • Drop in on a 4’+ halfpipe or quarterpipe
  • “Rock-to-fakie” on small half pipe or quarter pipe
  • Tail Stall on small half pipe or quarter pipe
  • Jump/Manual off medium sized (12” +) ledges and ramps
  • Perform an ollie while rolling
  • Kickturn at the top of a small-medium sized quarter pipe/halfpipe



  • Rock-to-fakie
  • Tail stall
  • Axle stall
  • Rock n’ roll
  • Half Cab rock
  • Frontside and backside slash grinds
  • Ollie onto a small-medium box or ledge (5-10”) and off small ledges and drops.



  • The skater’s pathway is more differentiated as they have their own style preferences. Coaching is customized and can focus on their interests or rounding out their skill set.
  • Vert: Skaters are riding bigger (6’ +) halfpipes, bowls, and ramps on their own and want to practice lip tricks that they can translate to larger terrain.
  • Street: Skaters have started learning flip tricks and grinding/sliding rails, ledges, and boxes (street).

Lesson Schedule  (JUN 5-AUG 10 )

Skill + Age Day/Times

Skater Tots

(ages 4-6)

Mon 2:30-3:30pm


Wed 2:30-3:30pm


(ages 7-9)

Tue 2:30-4pm

Thu 2:30-4pm


(ages 10-14)

Wed 4-5:30pm


Tue 4-5:30pm


Thu 4-5:30pm


Mon 4-5:30pm